William asks…

Do Muscovy ducks make good backyard pets?

I am toying with the idea of getting 2 Muscovy ducklings. How are they as pets? Will they fly away? Will they totally destroy my back yard (landscaping & grass)? I plan on getting them a dog house with hay for a shelter/bed and a kiddie pool to swim in. What do you think?

landscapeliving answers:

Muscovy's are not the best of pets and can be quite messy and destructive.

But that choice is yours! Remember that they can fly so you will either have to clip their wings or take them to a vet and have them pinioned,this entails the removal surgically of their wing tips.

Nancy asks…

landscape project for geometry?

i have to make a backyard landscape project. i have 5 sections that i have to cover with some sort of thing (soil, rock, cement, etc.)
to get extra credit, i can make it 3D. any ideas on how?
oh, and i also want a pool for one section, but i have to find that myself. i have to know how much it cost per square foot (find it online so that i can print it out and turn it in so my teacher knows). i can't find that anywhere. the closest one i found was that it cost about $23-$24 per square foot...is that about right? if you could help me with that too. thank you :)

landscapeliving answers:

Are you asking for the average cost of each material in cost per square foot? Or just a pool?

A barebones swimming pool that is 16' x 32' (512 sq. Ft) will cost about $16,000.

16,000 / 512 = $31.25 / sq. Ft.

Concrete is about $70 / cubic yard. Divide that by 27 to get a cubic foot. = $2.60. Then divide that by 3 for a 4" slab (rather than a 12" slab). = 0.86 / sq. Ft.

John asks…

Do you have a play yard for your kids in the 'front' yard?

Our backyard is nothing but cement and pool, and during the summer that's ok, but we have no grass area back there. We converted our front yard from desert landscape to having grass, and it's a pretty large area. This is the only play area my son has. No fence around the yard either. When we go outside to play with him, we don't take our eyes off him because we don't want him to escape us and end up in the street. Anyway, we're thinking of getting a small swingset, or playset for him for the front yard. Does anyone have play areas for their kids in their front yard? My concerns would be someone stealing it, and or using it w/o permission. If you do have a playset in your front yard, what has been your experience with that in terms of other respecting your property etc.? And do you have a fenced in yard? I just need some advice on this and if this would be a good idea for us. Or if just going to the park would suffice?

landscapeliving answers:

I don't think having a playset in the front yard is a good idea. It's quite unsafe for your child and since there are no fence, other people will be using it without your permission. Then, your whole front yard will become a public play ground. Eventually, your child will grow up and you'll realize that the play set is a waste of money.

James asks…

Whats wrong with my basset hound?

i have a 5 year old basset hound and he is usually what the vet says a very healthy one. His weight is very much at a healthy range and he is usually very energetic and i love him more than words can say. We just got a new backyard setting with rockwalls pool deck and little stones and stepping ways and landscaping its beautiful but thi sis where he spends moat of his time. (im only mentioning this just so u can see if this has anything to due with what im about to say) So this morning i wokie up to him yelping in my back yard just for two seconds he yelped but i knew that something had to have hurt him. So i got up and went outside and he was just laying down and relaxing like nothing had happened so i petting him and started playign around with him and runnign and he was pawing playfully and then he went to move and he yelped and sat down quickly i didnt know what happened so i let him rest and checked him over i saw no wounds and i felt his limbs to see if he would yelp but nothing so i played aroung with him again and crossed my new stone/little rock pathway and he yelped agen and just layed on my deck and idk whats wrong? :( its really making me sad because he absolutley loves playing around. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

landscapeliving answers:

Impossible to diagnose over the internet, but I am sure your vet will know when you go and get him checked out in a short while.

Robert asks…

15th birthday party problem....help!!!!!?

I'm supposed to have a FAMILY party at my house next week. Our house doesn't have a pool, basketball court, and there is no park nearby. It's a medium sized, one story with a desert style landscaped front and backyard. I don't know about you, but any party that you just sit around and listen to music is really boring. So I need activities to entertain about 20-25 guests. I don't have an idea what to do with what I have, so PLEASE give me some ideas. We dont have much money to spend, so nothing too extravagant...

landscapeliving answers:

No...it could be cool at your house. Go to a party city and get some fun stuff to do and make it look like hawaiian for cheap. Music and people=fun! :)

Happy Birthday BTW

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